PINO Mathematics puzzle


Code: 4678-1

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Mathematics puzzle represents a significant educative resource which helps the child to learn the numbers, become familiar with the basic mathematical operations, grasp the concept of more-less and develop logical thinking.

Adults help the child’s progress by proffering the materials containing tasks from the stage of the child’s development. These include all the tasks that the child shows interest in and is ready to deal with, which – however – is not possible without the help of the adults. Once the child has dealt with a task of this kind, he or she has gained the inner drive for the further development. In other words, no progress is possible unless the child is confronted with the learning contents from the next sphere of the child’s development.

The adult’s aid is carefully incorporated into the toy itself. The colours of the numbers and the mathematical signs provide as much assistance to the child as the verbal instructions. In this way, while children work independently to manipulate the toy, they also feel the effects of the adult assistance in discovering the two basic calculation operations. And what matters the most – the child is learning through play.

  • Dimensions: 30×22.5×1 cm
  • Recommended age: 3 years and up.
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