PINO Skipping rope


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Games and exercise with the rope are extremely useful for the proper growth and development of the child’s body, and they also enhance the activity and formation of the muscles, making the joints stronger and optimally functional. These activities are beneficial and recommended in prevention of damage caused by long periods of physical inactivity, while sitting in front of the computer, television set or at a school desk.

Jumping is a good way to exercise and strengthen all of the body muscles, to develop the sense of balance, as well as the harmony and grace of movements. It also helps to boost the self-confidence, faith in one’s own capabilities, thus creating a positive image of one’s self-perception. It has been proved that children who are physically well developed, proportionally built, quick and skilful are better ranked and more popular in a collective of their peers.

‘Skipping the Rope’, by oneself or in a company of peers, has always been children’s favourite pastime and game. The Pino ropes will make the game even more attractive, owing to their nice, bright colours and their hand-pieces made of wood, shaped and painted in the form of funny doll characters, fashioned to fit the child’s hands.

Playing with the Pino rope, children will become stronger and stretch their muscles in arms, shoulders, legs, abdomen and back, and will also develop their overall ability, flexibility and coordination of movement, eventually becoming more cheerful and happier.

  • Dimensions of single package: 16x13x6 cm
  • Recommended age: 3 years and up.
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