Marta’s mystery box



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Marta’s mystery box was developed jointly with children’s writer Uroš Petrović, whose series of books about green-haired girl Marta Smart served as the inspiration for this game.

The game won the “Good Toy” award in Serbia as the best toy in 2016 in the category of domestic and imported toys.

The set includes three games:

  • Marta’s Interesting Geography,
  • The Mysterious Eight (a board game),
  • Wooden Brain-Teaser.


Marta’s Interesting Geography and The Mysterious Eight are designed remakes of the once popular and now almost forgotten game Interesting Geography, based on a brand-new brain-racking approach. Relying on its novel concept, the game stimulates children’s efficient thinking, encourages them to use and develop their intelligence, gain the ability to generate multiple ideas, and come up with new solutions.

Aim of the game

This game helps children expand their general knowledge in various fields, but – more importantly – not in a repetitious way, but in a fun way, using their brains, and being attentive and creative.

Pino Wooden Brain-teaser is an addition to Marta’s Mystery box and has its own quest for solutions, independent of the basic game. It develops children’s logical, mathematical, visual, and motor skills.

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