PINO – NTC Ludo game


Code: 4P006

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Ludo game is a board game that stimulates children’s logical and mathematical thinking and develops the ability of making predictions and conclusions.

By respecting the rules of the game, children learn to control their feelings, to be patient and persistent and how to socialise.

Pino – NTC Ludo game is a game with an added value, since children gain basic knowledge of four countries and their characteristics.

A recommendation for the parents is to keep introducing new rules, such as the rule to use the thumb and the index finger to move the pieces on one day, then to use the thumb and the middle finger the next day, and so on until the little finger is used to move the pieces. This is one of the ways to develop fine motor skills, which is of huge importance in the development of children’s overall abilities, owing to the fact that fingers participate in forming a large number of synapses in the brain, thus enhancing the development of cognitive skills.

More information about the programme and game instruction can be found here.

  • Dimensions: 24x24x2 cm
  • Recommended age: for children older than 5 years.
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