PINO Activity cube


Code: 7708

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With its appearance and possibilities of multiple engagements, the toy inevitably attracts a child’s attention.

Beads Maze – Owing to its design, it allows a child to move the beads along a curved line or a spiral. The elements are shaped as geometric bodies, thus enabling children to distinguish among their features in the space (colour, form, size…).

The Flowers Maze helps to practice fine movements, the eye-hand coordination, and it also encourages intellectual development, with a certain degree of adults’ assistance.

Illustrated Abacus is designed in a manner that allows a child to be introduced to numeric symbolization through play. While trying on one side to count the exact number of illustrated elements, the child will learn how to write the figure that indicates the number of the elements involved.

The Abacus presents a child with a possibility to progress through the different levels of mastering the numbers; at the beginning, the child counts by moving the counted objects. With further practice, the child counts by only touching the objects, then by pointing with a finger and finally, only by watching the counted elements.

Using the Drawing Board, children will soon discover their ability to leave traces of their movements on the board’s surface. The chalks and the sponge will make this interesting activity even more attractive, so that the child will tend to engage in it on a regular basis, practicing the movements of scribbling at first and later movements of writing and drawing.

  • Dimensions: 20x20x20 cm
  • Recommended age: 2 years and up.
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