PINO Labyrinth Farm


Code: 4588-2


The educative puzzle with animal motifs, where parts of animal bodies are connected with their heads.

The incompleteness of the animal bodies provoke in the child a kind of uneasiness that can be overcome only by connecting the head with the corresponding body. The game comprises a strong motivational factor, demanding that ‘things be ordered’ by placing the heads in their proper places. In trying to solve the task, the child encounters an obstacle that can be solved only by active thinking. In order to work out this intellectual riddle, the child is required to think, construe, combine, predict, check, compare, analyse. It goes without saying that the child will first attempt to solve the task by trial and error; when, however, these attempts yield no result, the child is forced to initiate the thinking process, as the only means of reaching the solution.

It is for this reason that this toy provides a valuable incentive to the development of the child’s thinking, the motor skills, as well as skills of association, planning and concentration.

The game is also practical, since the pieces of the puzzle are not detachable from the board and cannot get lost.

  • Dimensions: 30×22.5×2 cm
  • Recommended age: 18 months and up


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