PINO Ludo game Pirates


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Made in India about 400 CE, loved today – Ludo game Pirates.

The game contains:

  • wooden gaming board (9.5 x 9.5 x 1.3 in);
  • 16 wooden figurines, different coloured, in the form of pirates;
  • wooden dice.

Pino Ludo game Pirates is loved by generations of children, because:

  • it is very funny;
  • develops strategic, logic and mathematical thinking;
  • teaches children to count and mathematical operation summation;
  • teaches children to plan and prediction;
  • develops socialization;
  • develops competitive spirit and tolerance;
  • it is intended to all kids older than 4 years and adults;
  • it is suitable for all personality type of children ang adults;
  • develops love to other board games.


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