PINO Magnetic Puzzle Fishing


Code: 4673C1

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A three-in-one toy – the puzzle, shape-sorter and the game with magnetic pieces, requiring a high level of a child’s motor skills.

The toy lends itself to a variety of manners in which it provokes children’s thinking and fine motor skills: from observation, noticing details, imagining and representation of wholes, to connecting, segmenting, analysis, comparing, combining, selecting possible solutions, relating and coordinating information concurrently reaching the brain from the eye and the hand, to control of movements in handling a fishing rod.    Although children are unable to explain the nature of the magnet, they will learn from their own experience the types of elements attracted to a magnet.

  • Dimensions: 30×23.5×0.8 cm
  • Recommended age: 2 years and up.
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