PINO Dress up puzzle Boy


Code: 4479A3

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Unlike other puzzles with a single right solution, this puzzle will present the child with opportunities of combining, thus encouraging a creative and imaginative attitude. There are the right answers here as well, but they are not limited to a single correct answer. While combining items of clothing, girls imagine the situations they are preparing for.

The peg puzzles require the child to carefully look at the shapes of the elements he or she has available and the shapes engraved on the base, to analyze and compare them and find the identical shapes. These are complicated thought processes, very important for the child’s intellectual development.

The child will initially use this puzzle to practice fine motor skills, the eye-hand coordination, while at later stages the game will help to develop combining skills and representing situations in accordance with the selected sets of clothes.

  • Dimensions: 30×22.5×1.5 cm
  • Recommended age: 18 months and up.


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